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Community Guidelines

These rules are here to implement a baseline expectation for how moderation decisions are made, as well as what kind of behavior would be considered unacceptable.

Creating an Account

You must be 18 years of age or older, or legal age where you reside (whichever number is greater) to create an account on Furries Online. This is because of the nature of content which we accept on this website, which can fall into terms that would be unacceptable for a minor to see.

Account creation is open for the purposes of furry and furry-adjacent individuals to sign up and post artwork and other such content. People who wish to post content on an automated basis, or representatives whom wish to post content for a company for the sake of advertising should seek other websites to post their content. Those wishing to create an account to circulate or disseminate spam will be removed on sight.

Posting on Furries Online

On Diversity and Hate Speech/Groups

We live in a diverse world, filled with people from all walks of life, varying in age, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, kin, or any other identifying factor. That being said, the staff of Furries Online strongly believes in the freedom of speech for all individuals. This includes de-platforming any individual who wishes to silence others on the basis of their identity. Any individual who aligns with groups who wish to do such, such as nazifurs, Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, KKK, or any other related groups, will be removed from Furries Online upon being positively identified. Any content which promotes or glorifies such groups or such activities will be removed from Furries Online upon sight, with the person responsible for its posting being removed from Furries Online. Instances that federate with Furries Online that allow such behaviors to perpetrate will be defederated from. The freedom of speech is inherently incompatible with the right to a platform, and therefore to protect the freedom of speech, those who wish to violate others' freedom of speech by silencing their voices will be denied a platform on Furries Online.

On Being a Good Person

Follow the golden rule: Don't be a dick. Don't harass people, don't try to contact them if they've blocked you, don't dogpile, don't screenshot dunk, don't dox people, honestly if you're thinking about doing it and you're pretty sure it'd be a pretty rude thing to do, just don't do it. Please.

On Sexual Deviancy and Fetishes

The following guidelines will be followed in respect to sexual, kink, fetish, or any such related content on Furries Online.

Content Must Be Safe

Any behavior that is presented must not promote unsafe behaviors in the corporeal world.

Content Must Be Consensual

All parties must have consented to the behavior being presented. This includes adding a Content Warning for any content which a reasonable person may not want to see in a given situation - the viewer, too, should be considered when thinking about consent. Note that parties who are not of legal age cannot consent to sexual activities - for the sake of these rules and for the purposes of clarity, this includes parties who have been mentally and/or physically regressed below legal age as well as parties whom have been purposely made to appear to be underage, despite being at or above legal age.

Other Things

All content on Furries Online must remain legal within the state of Massachusetts, in the United States of America. Basically, please don't do anything which would warrant a phone call from my service provider or might result in the FBI swiping the hard drives from my server for investigation.

Don't access any portion of the server which you have not been given authorization to access (such as the server console or any admin control panel.) If you obtain access to such unintentionally, you are to immediately remove yourself from such access and contact me, Frinkeldoodle, immediately, either via E-mail at or on the Fediverse at Failure to do so will result in your access to all services on my server being revoked, as well as any further criminal or civil punishment that may result from such activities.

Do not perform Denial of Service attacks on this server or use this server to perform Denial of Service attacks on other servers. This will also result in revoking of server access and any criminal or civil charges that may arise from such activities.

The spirit of the rule prevails the exact letter. Trying to circumvent punishment from the rules over a technicality will not be honored. Additionally, any behavior which may be reasonably expected to be undesirable performed on this site may be punished, even if not explicitly stated within the rules. However, any such punishment given must be followed up with a rule disallowing such behavior being added to these guidelines within 24 hours of the punishment being administered.

These rules are a living document and are subject to change at any time.

This document was last updated Jul 18, 2019.